Sunday, July 31, 2005

As the sun sets over the mountains surrounding Lake Topaz, HSVROC05 comes to an end. A good time was had by all. A huge thanks for all the work that was done....the Huntley's food, the ride leaders, the helpers at the rally, Howard and Linda for the raffle, those that donated items for the raffleand expecially Don VSP for getting it all together. He's really not such a VSP!

Tiny sports his new Tye Dye. He's lookin' good!

Don VSP did a great job of promoting and organizing this year's HSVROC. This was the final award, for some very special VROC people.

Slots wins a helmet. He won a LOT of other items, but donated most of them back into the raffle. What a guy! Oh, I forgot to mention in the later comments that there was over $300 after the 50/50 and expenses to give to the Cancer Society.

tc,Top Dawg,Rolland,Krazbob,Patti,Nitelite,and daughter, Cat, Barb Huntley, and Linda.

The sun is going down....The rest of the crew are over on the grass under the Huntleys new canopy.

Robert "Top Dawg" the one next to Nitelite on the table, was the big winner in the raffle. Although he didn't get as many items as some of the big spenders, his were pretty good.....over $300 for the 50/50 cash, and the Adobe Photo shop software that jest had donated! Actually, he won a bottle of some kind of booze and traded it to Todd for the Photoshop...Go figure that one!

Batman came all the way from Iowa! He had been West last month for the RRR. This guy is a ridin' fool! And a very nice one too! Thanks for coming...

Linda, LAS, and VSP. Don is acting "officious"

Howard (Nitelite) and Linda did an excellent job with the raffle. There were a couple thousand bucks worth of nice things to give away. Thanks to the VROC'ers that donated some VERY nice things. I'll mention 2 I remember, Sky for a new leather jacket, and jest for a new, in the package, Photoshop Pro 7.0. (drool, drool) and there were others that donated cash as well. This were the best door prizes I've seen at any VROC function so far. Way to go Howard and Linda! That's Barb Huntley, Linda and LAS getting it all organized.

Sue and tc. He got the last of Krazbob's chili!

Todd and Sue. The tangerene shirt matches their georgeous bike!

The crowd is gathering, the drawing will be at 8 PM. Krazbob, Nitelite's daughter (sorry I forgot name!) Rolland and Patti

Caddman and Cowboy Bob

Biker Dad, Slots, and Judy. Waiting for the raffle drawing.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

By contrast, this coffee shop is Holy Grounds. In fact, they just closed for an interdenomational service that is going on next door. She let me stay here to finish the blog. A differet looking young lady that those from this morning! Next pictures of tonights activities will be posted from home tomorrow night or Monday.

The "girls" in the first coffee shop I went to this morning. Quite a difference from the one I'm using now. It's called Holy Grounds, and was full of LOUD kids all meeting here before going to a Saturday night church service.

Just one more picture of a balcony in Virginia City.

There are several old Breweries in Virginia City. Lots of hard working miners in a hot dry climate required lots of beer in the old days.

A dead end street

The old Brass Rail. Another famous place

These are real silver dollars in the dress. This lady is about 15 feet tall.

We saw several different sizes of this type of transportation,

More street scenes in Virginia City

Can't remember why I took this picture

This is the set for a street show that they put on 3 or 4 times a day.

Some of the old fire equipment. There was a huge fire in 1875 that just about burned the whole town.

Guess this table has a history of ruining peoples lives.

Now here's an interesting museum! It's all underground. Went though it years ago. Pretty interesting.

The Famous Bucket of Blood. Lots of things to buy in there beside the bar stuff. Everyone of these has some special historical things that happened in them.

Wow! So this is what Piper does when he's not out selling VROC goodies!

This is where the lady with the silver dollar dress lives

More famous places

Look what we found! tc sneeked out early for a solitary breakfast and a visit to the candy shop!

Silver store and other stuff. Lots of this type of busineses

Vroc'ers wandering the wooden sidewalks.

Street in Virginia City

Tourist trap.

Just one of the old buildings. Note the Indian motorcycle sign in the window.

A nice little coffee shop. The miners used to hang out here.

Parking lot in Virginia City

Todd and Sue, ready for the day!

The line up for one of the rides. There were 3 different groups heading out, not including Slots who took of by himself for Yosemite

Getting ready for the morning ride. Jerry Pop Pop, Sky, George and Todd.

Todd and Sue, George behind me.

The road to Virgina City. Nitelite and Linda in front, then Pop Pop and Mike.

On the way up to Virginia City.

I didn't think I was going to be able to get on line for another day! The only motel with WI-FI had their computer taken out by lightning last night, the E-cafe was closed, and I was told there wasn't any other place closer than Reno. I spotted this little coffee shop in Carson City, stopped and asked. The DID have it. And this young lady actually made me a RAW fruit smoothie that was deeeeelicious! She's also a singer in a rock band. A interesting little shop. Spotlessly clean, and the bathrooms were large and well decorated. Original metal stamped ceiling and lots of antiques too. A fun place, but I've been in here over an hour, and want to get back to the rally before I miss something good. I may come back later to post to pictures from our ride to Virginia City this morning.

Todd, Sue and VSP. Don is telling tall tales again! . And Sue is eating them up.......

Our Master Chili Chef! And now the newest member of the TWVROC!